Four Corners Animal League
Keeping Animals Warm at the Taos County Shelter
January 2008 - Snow and sub zero temperatures left dogs and puppies at the Taos County temporary shelter shivering in the cold. The building that was to house these animals was to have been insulated and heaters installed by the end of November, but the work was not completed on schedule and probably will not be done until late February or possibly longer.

Sparse bedding in a cold shelter.
Snow build-up on tarps covering the temporary shelter. Reinforced ceiling structure which helps keep the tarps from caving in.
Pennie Wardlow, Four Corners Animal League, and volunteers have been taking care of the dogs at the shelter and are making things better for the homeless animals. The 12 kennels at the outdoor shelter are outfitted now with straw bales to provide warmth for the dogs. The bales also serve as windbreaks, as do the tarps.
Photos here show some of the dogs in their pens, with plenty of straw bales to help keep them warm. Plywood walls have been put up to provide privacy for the dogs, which helps make them feel more secure and so they don't fight. Top right: a cave-like canine temporary residence.