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January 2017
Four Corners Animal League is now partnering with the Zimmer Feline Foundation to provide free spay/neuter for all feral cats through our TNR program.

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Photos of Rio and Pilar by Megan Bowers Avina

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Article in the Albuquerque Journal

New Mexico ACT Against Cockfighting
by Heather Ferguson

Early in 2007, when the law to ban cockfighting was being debated by the New Mexico State Legislature, many cockfighting supporters claimed a ban would be “impossible to enforce” due to the number of cockfighters in the state. They even boldly proclaimed that the passage of the law wouldn’t stop them from conducting their bloody business “underground.” The reality is, even if individuals take their illegal activities underground, they aren’t beyond the watchful eye of law enforcement, nor are they safe from arrest and prosecution.

Investigating, filing charges for and prosecuting animal fighting can be complicated. Cases often require lengthy investigations and undercover work, as well as large numbers of law enforcement and animal control officers to raid and process these remarkably complex crime scenes. Each case might yield a large variety of charges covering many areas of criminal activity such as felony extreme animal cruelty, misdemeanor animal cruelty, felony criminal conspiracy, narcotics trafficking and illegal gambling. This can make prosecution tedious and time consuming.

After Governor Richardson approved the ban on cockfighting, Attorney General Gary King, Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White and Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) coordinated resources to give law enforcement the support they need to fully enforce animal fighting laws. From this effort, New Mexico’s Animal Cruelty Taskforce (ACT) was established.

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Article in the Albuquerque Journal

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