About Cymry

I would like to share our experience and feelings about the process of adopting "Cymry". After the whole family decided that I needed a dog, based on the statement that I really missed "Dinky" and "Beast". Also, I said I neither needed nor wanted anything material for Christmas, so all agreed that the best gift possible would be a dog.

As soon as I knew about the loving conspiracy, the action began with an on-line search of the local facilities. The D.C. Animal Rescue League, "W.A.R.L.", sounded the likeliest with two dogs. I think I fell in love with Cymry's computer picture even before seeing her.

When we went to W.A.R.L., we were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful brick building with very clean runs, a clinic, a surgery, two paid employees, and a bunch of volunteers. After filling out the application for adoption, an attendant insisted that we see every do there, then took us to the exercise yard with "Pickles", Cymry's cell mate to see how we related. We all really liked "Pickles" but after looking up the files, they told us she'd been adopted the day before.

So now we went back and took out "Cymry", (My first choice). She walked well with me, obeyed commands, licked my hand and face, and wagged her tail like a fury. After assuring she was still available for adoption, they told us her history, medical records, etc. Also, added her name and identification number to our already completed form and informed us that they'd call us to let us if we were acceptable adoption family.

Two days later they called to say that we'd been accepted to be sent to approval to the adoption committee. After the adoption committee approved us, they set up an appointment for a home inspection. A very pleasant young woman looked over the whole house, checking where the dog would sleep, whether is would be crate trained and otherwise have full run of the house as a family member. She also questioned us about whether we would had anything valuable that possessions might be harmed by a living dog. (They have an occasional pet returned for this reason.)

Then we went into the yard which got an immediate four star rating, because it's large, has a six foot high stockade fence, and a separate long run which can be the dogs own space. No keeping it chained on a wire run, no living outdoors tired to a dog house, etc. Not being left out all night, etch. The W.A.R.L. loved out proposed arrangement.

Next, we came in had a hot drink and just talked about our experiences as pet owners, what our other pets were, saw some pictures of "Beast", asked about which veterinarian we use, etc. (Turns out she goes to the same very with her five dogs.)

The next morning they called and said that we could come and get our dog after filling out the adoption agreement. "Cymry" is now a loved family members. She's a gem and "Dorian" are very gentle with each other. She really likes him, and he's fascinated by her long feathery tail. He calls her "Olga", but he thinks all dogs are named "Olga".

I'm so glad I didn't say I wanted anything for Christmas, because now we have her. Yesterday's vet exam came through in flying colors, and was even good about shots, blood tests, and even having her temperature taken. She weighs 52 lbs and we love every ounce.