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These horses all need homes!
They are current on worming, due for summer vaccinations.

12 year old paint mare. Hock injury. Broke to ride.
Above rght, Amelia with Fancy. Jim in the background.

5-6 year old Haflinger mare. Well broke. Ties, stands well for farrier, good with children,
loads well. Shy on the left. She is an escape artist!

Halter broke
Special needs horse re gelding/sheath care

15+/- year old mare. Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross. Very headshy. Safe with children. Great feet, easy to trim.

Virginia (left) and Bodie (right)
Virginia, 4 1/2 year old Quarter Horse
Bodie, 2 1/2 year old Arabian/Quarter Horse
Ready for Adoption

Sophia (left) and Greta (right)
Sophia, 6 year old paint mare
Gretta is an Appy and 2 1/2 years old
Both are friendly

Four Corners Animal League is looking for a good home for these 2 horses

Rio and Pilar - looking for a home!

For more information please call 575-741-1444 or
KODA - adopted
Koda was found with five stab wounds. She now has fully recovered and has a wonderful new family.

HONEY - adopted

Honey, a Pyrenees mix, was abandoned in a remote house with a cat as her only companion. When rescued, she was malnourished, suffering from a tooth infection, and was very shy and fearful. Under the care of Four Corners Animal League, she was soon spayed, but unfortunately suffered a blood clot to her spinal cord during surgery. This resulted in paralysis of both hind limbs.

With time, and a lot of therapy, she has continued to recover strength in her legs and is in good general health. She does, however, still require special boots to help her clear her back feet and place them flat on the ground. With these assistive devices, she is able to walk well and run. Honey is now socialized, confident and happy. She gets along with male dogs and some females.

Honey now needs someone who can be a constant companion, and continue regular exercise and training with her. She has the potential to be a very good therapy dog.

MISHA - adopted
Misha is a lovely, nicely mannered, gentle, full blooded Husky. She is approximately 2 to 3 years old. She was terribly neglected, underfed and kept for breeding purposes by her previous owner. Four Corners Animal League rescued her and two other Huskies from this neglectful situation. Her coat was falling out, she was malnourished, overly submissive, and had no self confidence and not apparent training.

Since her rescue, she has been spayed, brought back to a healthy weight, has a beautiful black and white coat, and now knows basic commands. She readily gets in a car and enjoys riding. She is improving on lead and is much more confident and outgoing. She learns quickly and is responsive to leardership.

Misha now needs an opportunity to bond with a forever person who will provide lots of affection, a safe, secure yard and exercise - exercise (after all, she is a Husky!).

She would probably do best in a single dog home, but would do okay with a non-dominant female. She does not seem, at this time, interested in interaction with other dogs.

This is a sweet and very pretty dog, who has good rear stability, no toeing in or out, well muscled. She has one blue eye and one black yes and black and white coloration.

What a great doggie companion.

RANGER- adopted
Ranger is a handsome Husky mix, one year old male. He was abandoned in a driveway after being run over. He was unable to move for two days because of broken hind legs. Following a rescue by Four Corners Animal League, his legs were cast and he was neutered. He had to spend the next 8 weeks in a kennel to protect the fracture site. Insufficient healing required surgery and pins to stabilize the fractures. After another 8 weeks, he was cleared for rehabilitation. Because of extreme limitation of range and weakness, he was unable to sit, or climb, walked with a stiff legged gait and was very restrained in his activities.

Following weeks of rehab and being very patient and cooperative with his situation, he regained his mobility, strength and vigor. Ranger was able to run, climb in a car, sit and play vigorously with his canine companion. He regained his self confidence, was outgoing, affectionate, and ready for a forever home - which he got! A woodsy, open place with other doggie friends and caring new people. He is their new joy. What a special guy!

For information on adopting a dog from Four Corners Animal League,
please contact Pennie (contact info below).

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