Four Corners Animal League
Helping Creatures Without A Voice
Taos, New Mexico - 575-751-0150 - 501(c)3 Non-profit
To everyone who sent generous donations to help the Taos County Shelter Animals. The out pouring of care and concern is heartwarming.
Lucinda Warren,
Henderson, NV
Nancy Hinds, SPIN (Saving Pyrs in Need)
Judy Klanke
Salina, KS
Judith Stroh Miller,
Northern New Mexico Great Pyrenees Rescue
Ann Callan
Houston, TX
Debbie Duck, Albuquerque, Second Chance Animal Rescue
Michelle Storm
Pits and Rotts for Life Rescue, Inc.
Ellen Maher
Mari-Lon Mahoney, Rockwell, TX
Bill Hopping
Judy Bishop, Topeka Animal Talk (web group)
Topeka, KS, Friends of the Animals in Kansas
Annie Whitney
Rosemarie Shannon,
Val Laughton
Cheryl Weidman
Katherine Reed

These kind friends of the Four Corners Animal League made it possible for us to help the dogs at the Taos County Shelter.

For complete details of the money spent on supplies, click here for a PDF that shows all the receipts: TAOS COUNTY SHELTER SUPPLIES.

In addition to the persons listed above there were several others who assisted
also, and
dealt directly with Chamisa Feed to purchase straw bales and tarps.

Four Corners Animal League
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