Four Corners Animal League
Helping Creatures Without A Voice
Taos, New Mexico
501(c)3 Non-profit

Four Corners Animal League works to insure that every pet has a safe and loving home.
We are reducing the population of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying,
neutering and education programs making this a safer community for all of us.

Four Corners Animal League has made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of animals in Taos Valley and beyond. Pet overpopulation is a staggering problem here in Taos and costs many animals their lives.

Beyond the neglect and abuse of unwanted pets, thousands of dollars in revenue is spent trying to deal with issues that arise from unwanted animals wandering the streets and roads of the valley. Even the best-intentioned family or individual can be overwhelmed with the needs of a growing number of pets in their household.

Since 2002, Four Corners Animal Leagues has paid for the spaying and neutering of over 13,000 dogs and cats in the Taos area. Through their low cost/no cost spay and neuter program, and in conjunction with the veterinarians in the valley, Four Corners Animal League is changing the fate of animals across Northern New Mexico.

We have transferred over 5,000 animals to Colorado to be placed in good homes. Though education we are getting the message out, every animal needs protection, every dog and cat deserves shelter and food and a loving home. These friends without voices need our protection and our help. Four Corners Animal League helping creatures without a voice.

Four Corners Animal League is not an animal shelter. We have no central location for processing animals. Instead we are actively involved in education through Taos County. We conduct our programs at elementary schools and door-to-door, discussing loving care of pets and all living creatures. Our education always urges spaying and neutering and focuses on the suffering that occurs when unwanted animals proliferate in a small community.

We also have a foster care program through which individuals throughout the community foster the care of animals we find abandoned or mistreated. The community has responded with much love in offering to care for animals at their homes until we can find placement for them. We are always in need of responsible foster care.

Ranger, above, is up for adoption after being run over and
left for two days with two broken legs. He is doing well now.
October 2010. See his full story on the Adopt Me page.

How do you save 100 dogs or cats??? Spay or neuter ONE!

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Four Corners Animal League
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Training with feral dog:

A very feral dog captured in a trap with her 7day old pups, pups adopted when they were ready. Then, the work began with Reina. Jane Gerard gave the basic first steps to Pennie and volunteers at Four Corners Animal League. Jane would check in on us now and then, offer more advice, and work with Reina. Jane is coming back and showing some techniques to us all. 575-613-6732.

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Four Corners Animal League
P.O. Box 1163, Taos, NM 87571

Call Four Corners Animal League directly at 575-741-1444
Or leave a message at 575-751-0150

June 2011 - 96 Dogs & Cats Neutered and Spayed!

October 16, 2010 -
Bark 'n' Walk fundraiser -
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Four Corners Animal League Activities and Overview - Click here for slide show.

January 2008 - Snow and sub zero temperatures left dogs and puppies at the Taos County temporary shelter shivering in the cold. Click here for the complete story.