About Mona

"Mona turned up wondering and leary
of all human contact in Carson. When locals
began feeding her and she made friends with an elderly male German Shepherd cross, she gradually became more trusting and allowed herself to be petted. She eventually came into hear and was protected by more her old friend until her younger suitors managed to kill him. At that point, "Alice Morrison, resident of Carson, rescued her and brought her to me. She was still very shy and timid. Alice had called her "Blossom" because she had seen her blossom so much in the short time she had known her and I, also, have seen that daily. But, in the first hours that I got to know her, her wonderful Mona Lisa smile made her "Mona" to me. Mona is now spayed, with all shots, of course. She is great with all living creatures and house broken. I cannot imagine a situation she could not fit into, as long as there is love. Please love her a lot.

EmmaLee Pedersen
Taos County