About Nelson

Hello My name is Nelson. I live with my new family now in Concord, Massachusetts, Ali, Tommy, Patrick, Mom, Dad, and my dog friends Mugsy and Molly. I have lived here for about a year now. Before that I lived with my old family, my saver Megan Bowers, and all my dog and animal friends at her house.

Before that I lived in scary place, with a scary man. I was tied up to a chain out side. When it rained, I was out there in the rain looking at all the warm cars and houses surrounding me. In the hot sun I stood there panting. I ran in circles around the tire that the chain was tied up to. When it snowed I shivered from the cold. Thunder scared me a lot, I was out there alone with the big crashes over me. All I wanted was a saver, and a Family of my own. I would watch the cars go by hoping that my saver would stop and help me. But I had no human voice to call for help.

One day a woman came and stopped by my house. she got out of her truck and rang the doorbell. She was offering the man to help with me! The man looked angry and said no. The woman got back in her truck and drove away. I would watch the truck go bye every day. The woman kept coming back. She would give me food and treat me well. One day the woman came by in her truck. But she was not alone. There was someone else in the truck, Pennie! I thought this might be my BIG day! And I was right. She picked my up in her strong but gentle arms and put me in her truck. We drove off. There they were , my saver's, Megan Bowers and Pennie Wardlow! I will love them forever!

After a short time at a Four Corners Animal volunteer home , my saver took me home to her house. There I had food and shelter and love. Then, at Thanksgiving, five people arrived. They pet me and played with me. I loved them, and they loved me. After a short while, they left. I cried and they cried. Then my saver sent me on a plane. Where was I going? Oh, please not to another bad place! But, wait...me saver would not send me anywhere bad. When I arrived in Concord, my old friends were there waiting for me. They brought me home, and gave me a bed of my own, nice food, warm shelter, fish oil to make my coat super-soft, and even more love!

I am still here with them. I chase squirrels, and play with the kids Ali, Tommy in Patrick out by the pool and in our yard. Sometimes they bring me to the playground and I go down the slide. They rub my belly. When I am scared of thunder Mom and Dad let me sleep in their room for the night. Dad taught me how to roll over, and I do it for all the kids friends. I love my family and my family loves me. I am thankful for my saver's, and I will always remember them, and I will always love them--Pennie Wardlow
and Megan Bowers.

My Story
By Nelson Mandela Bowers Crowley
with the help of
Ali Crowley