Four Corners Animal League
Taos, New Mexico - 575-751-0150 - 501(c)3 Non-profit
Helping Creatures Without A Voice

Four Corners Animal League is actively involved in education through Taos County. We conduct our programs at elementary schools and door to door discussing loving care of pets and all living creatures.

Our education always urges spay and neutering and focuses on the suffering that occurs when unwanted animals proliferate in a small community.

Photos from a recent TISA pet education event:
The charter school children were so impressed by the education program that Four Corners did, they expressed their support by holding a fundraiser at Smiths. The children along with their teacher Jeremy, created their own posters and with help from Dennison from KKIT, raised $740 in only 1 1/2  hours. 

Below are some pictures from the event:

Stories and pictures from children Taos Elementary Schools:

3rd grader letter
Babastian, 3rd Grade

Brittany, 5th Grade

sara-picture.jpg (17737 bytes)
Sara, 5th Grade
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dylan-picture.jpg (30179 bytes)
Dylan, 5th Grade
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