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Honey’s Story

HONEY – a Pyrenees mix, was abandoned in a remote house with a cat as her only companion. When rescued, she was malnourished, suffering from a tooth infection, and was very shy and fearful. Under the care of Four Corners Animal League, she was soon spayed, but unfortunately suffered a blood clot to her spinal cord during surgery. This resulted in paralysis of both hind limbs.
With time, and a lot of therapy, she has continued to recover strength in her legs and is in good general health. She does, however, still require special boots to help her clear her back feet and place them flat on the ground. With these assistive devices, she is able to walk well and run. Honey is now socialized, confident and happy. She gets along with male dogs and some females.
Honey now needs someone who can be a constant companion, and continue regular exercise and training with her. She has the potential to be a very good therapy dog.
If you are interested, contact information is below.

Stories like these give great satisfaction to
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