Soul Mates


David threw the little tab of paper into the air and it fell to rest on Buffy’s freshly dug gravesite. He had pulled the tab off the Four Corners Animal League adoption-notice posted at Salazar Vet. He had just lost his beloved companion of many years and didn’t know why he pulled the tab since he didn’t want another dog at this time.  After burying his dog he picked up the tab and threw it in the air again from a greater distance and it floated over and landed on the grave. “OK Buffy”, he said, “I will call and find out about this Shanti dog adoption.”

6 months earlier a phone call alerted FCAL to a starving dog with 10 puppies living under a bunch of junk cars. They all came to live with me where Shanti ate to her hearts content. When the puppies were ready they went to Colorado Rescue,. Shanti  was spayed, vaccinated and socialization projects were underway.

Despite all efforts she was still a bit feral when David walked through the gate to check her out.

It was a magical moment. She immediately ran toward him, jumping on him, rolling on her back and letting him pet her all over. After several more visits he came to take her home. She quickly adjusted to riding in his truck. Nowadays she considers the truck as a 2nd home. She goes everywhere with David – including long trips and she loves it. Shanti has picked up so many of Buffy’s habits that David believes she embodies Buffy’s spirit.

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Soul Mates

March 11, 2019

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